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Welcome to the Nepean Housing Corporation

We are pleased that you have chosen to live in an NHC community. Below are some of the key items and forms that will assist you while residing at NHC.

Important Phone Numbers

Mail Box Key Info (Canada Post)


Enbridge Gas


Hydro Ottawa


24-hour Emergency Maintenance

613-823-8452 ext. 3

Fire, police, ambulance


Ottawa By-Law


City of Ottawa


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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Link: NHC Forms


What is considered a maintenance emergency, and who do I contact?

The following are considered emergencies:


Power failure to the whole unit

No heat

Fire (call 911 and then call us!)


During non-business hours and on weekends, Emergency Maintenance is available by calling 613-823-8452, extension 3. Please speak slowly and clearly and leave a message with the time, address and a phone number where you can be reached easily.   

I need a repair. Do I need to be home to obtain service?

No.  If you give us permission to enter your residence to provide the service, we can enter without you being at home.  If we need to enter your residence to perform preventative maintenance, we will give you at least 24 hours’ notice before we enter.  We can enter without notice if there is an emergency.  All repairs will be done during business hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).


Can I make changes to my home?

Before starting any decorating such as painting or wallpapering, please contact the office to obtain written consent from the Director of Property. Remember that when you vacate, the premises must be in the same condition as when you moved in. Changing the structure of your residence (for example, adding walls, finishing the basement, etc.) is not permitted. Any changes to the exterior (for example, gazebos, fences, etc.) require our prior consent.

I want to move. What do I have to do?

You must give us at least 60 days’ (two full calendar months) notice.  For example, if you give notice on September 20, your vacate date would be November 30, because October and November would be the two full calendar months.  You can send us a letter, use our vacate form (see Forms link at the top of the page) or use the form on the Landlord and Tenant Board website (  Everyone who signed the lease must sign the notice.  You are also responsible for all hydro and/or gas costs up to your legal vacate date. After we receive your notice, we will send you an acknowledgement notice and a list of items to take care of before you leave.

What do I do if I've lost the keys to my home?

If you lock yourself out of your home, you will need to contact the office. Locking yourself out of your home after hours is not considered an emergency, so make sure you give a copy of your key to a trusted family member or friend.  Proof of residency will also be required before we open the door.  Also, we will not allow a non-leaseholder into the residence without your consent.  For example, that means your children will not be let in if we cannot reach you.  Note there is a fee for this service. 

Can I change the locks to my residence?

Locks can be changed only by us, and there is a fee. If you want to change your locks or add an extra lock, contact our office.

Where can I park?

All vehicles parked on NHC property are required to be licensed and roadworthy, and anyone using assigned resident parking must be a resident of the premises.  Parking is very limited; however, additional parking may be available in your community for an additional fee. Contact our office to inquire and/or make arrangements to have an additional spot assigned to you.

How do I obtain my mailbox key?

Keys are provided by NHC for residents of apartment buildings.  Residents of townhomes can arrange for a mailbox key through Canada Post.

When is garbage day?

Consult the City of Ottawa website for detailed information about your community. 

What do I need to know if I have a pet?

NHC follows the City of Ottawa Animal Care and Control By-Law which contains rules about keeping your pets on a leash, stoop and scoop rules that require you to pick up after your pet, and ensuring that your pet does not your disturb your neighbours. The by-law information can be found here.

How do I pay my rent?

You may pay your rent by personal cheque, post-dated cheque, money order, rent direct, or through pre-authorized payment, which is the preferred method because you won’t have to remember to send a payment.  We do not accept cash. We also accept E-Transfer.  Call the Accounts Receivable Co-ordinator at 613-823-8452 extension 112 for more information.  Payments can be made to the order of Nepean Housing Corporation or NHC.  Ensure that your name and address or resident number appears on the front of the cheque so that your payment can be credited to the correct account.  You can mail or hand-deliver your payment to our office.  Use the secured mail slot beside the front door for after-hours drop-off.  

Do I require insurance?

Yes, you are required to obtain Tenants’ Contents Insurance to protect your belongings against theft, fire or other damage. If you currently do not have insurance and need information about coverage, contact our Marketing Agent to learn about a special insurance program available to our residents.  Alternately, you can call an insurance broker, or if you have vehicle insurance, you can contact your current carrier to inquire about adding tenant insurance.  We will request confirmation of ongoing coverage every year.

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