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rental information

​We currently do not have any vacancies

Our units have an approximate waiting list timeframe of:

1 bedroom units = 3 – 8 year wait     

2 bedroom units = 2 – 5 year wait

3 bedroom units = 2 – 5 year wait

4 bedroom units = 5 – 8 year wait

* Please call to verify pricing and availability *

To get on the wait list please contact our Tenant Rental Coordinator, Nathalie Anderson at  

If you have questions about accessing a rent subsidy,

please contact The Social Housing Registry directly on their website or by calling 613-526-2088. 

Please note that we are transitioning to a non-smoking environment, and new tenants will be required to agree to our non-smoking policy.


No last month’s rent deposit required.

Tenant insurance required.

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